About me

The Pink Suitcase s

Welcome at my journey!

After law school and years of thinking I want to become a lawyer, I discovered that law practice was too boring for me and marketing was my real love. I love the process, the creativity, the clients and the influence of marketing in our daily lives.

After working as a brand manager for The Netherlands at an international premium brand, I decided to take a chance to follow my dreams: running my own company to help other companies grow their brand.

I work harder than ever, but never felt so much fun, happiness and energy before. Every day is a party and I love every bit of my blessed journey.

On this blog I encourage you to find your passion and follow your dreams while sharing my advice and tips. Not only about business, but also about travel, food, beauty and Tinder. Because let’s be honest, nobody wants to be single for ever, but better be single than wasting your time with that fuck boy you know your mum won’t approve.

Get to know me. Get to know the positive mindset and welcome to the tribe of positive people and enchanting energy!

Hugs and glitters,

The Pink Suitcase

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