Rock it in red: the perfect shade for any (boss) babe

Every girl should own a red lipstick. Why? Because it’s a power booster that fits right away in any handbag or pocket! Besides, it’s spring! Time to have some fun with your wardrobe and looks! And let’s face it. If you don’t wear red to work, at least it’s bombs sexy for any Tinder date.

Finding the right shade that’s the best for you is one of the essentials for choosing the right red lipstick. My tip: just try, try and try. Because the right shade will depend on your skin tone and the item you want to wear. That’s why I have red lipsticks with a blue and an orange undertone. That way I can always mix and pair the right color with the right lipstick.

Bossbabe hack: if you’re lazy to put on some make up, or if you had a tought night (and we all have them), the lipstick is going to save your day because red is an instant face lifter too! Some simple eyeliner and you are ready to shine!

Here are a few of my all time favs from MAC. I love MAC because they have so many shades and the lipsticks are very long lasting and also important, really affordable! So you can look fab and still keep your kidney.

Also very important: invest in a long lasting and smudge proof lipstick. Nothing is uglier than half faded red lipsticks. Besides, when you and your Tinder date are having a good time, you don’t want to look like a freaky clown after kissing your date while you still have to walk that walk of shame. Imagine everybody is staring at your smudge face in the tube.

The best part: 20% sale from MAC at Douglas until the 25th of March! Click the link to shop with discount (you can also click on my recommendations for my discounts). Yes, you can thank me later ;).


Are you ready to be the self-confident boss babe, ready to own it?!

I loooove these! They stay for ages and a matte liptick is a timeless classic. Very bright red, and easy to mix and match many skin tones. Plus! I love liquid lipsticks. Color: Fashion Lagacy
Another classic! This one from MAC also hydrates, therefore it last a bit less longer than my friend on top, but very nice on the lips and smooth.
Very retro, very classic with a hint of orange in it. Perfect for sunny summer days when you wear more popping colors. Definitely taking this one with me to Colombia. Color: Just add Romance
Ok, this one is a real hack. It’s a lip pencil, but I also use it as a lip color. Really easy to apply and since it’s a pencil, it stays for ages! I love them in different colors. On the pic: Just ad Romance. But these are my fav too: Lover’s Lane and Anything Goes
Same hack for this one, I always color my lips with a pencil first before I put on some lipstick. That way your color will stay much longer. This one is  a perfect color with a very long stay. Color: Kiss me Quick.


Have fun finding your color and let me know which one serves you best! Have an awesome day babes!

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