How to be successful in life: Be confident and own it like a (girl)boss

This was new for me. The concept of being confident. I never knew it could be a game changer. That the impact on whether you’re confident or not could break or make you. Being born and raised as an Asian I wasn’t raised with the same self-confidence as my Dutch classmates. You need to be humble at all times, the world doesn’t revolve around you, so if you’re good at something, fine, but keep it to yourself. This naturally turns into insecurities and doubts because you hardly got any recognition for your achievement and knowledge.

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Now that I run my own brand and digital agency, I have noticed that confidence is more important than ever. And if you lack this, it’s about time to work on those assets. Not only because you want to succeed in your business, but also because it’s important for you as a person.

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Confidant is key in order to succeed in life. Whether it’s in business or in our personal growth. If you’re not confident you won’t be able to speak passionately or free on matters you believe in. And how can you convince others when you’re not even convinced of yourself?

If you feeling lost or don’t know what you should be confident about, it’s time to take a closer look. I am a strong believer that everybody has a talent. There is always something that youre good at. And that is something you should celebrate and be confident about. Is it your knowledge about a certain matter? Your superpower to help others? Your passion for something in life?

Find your superpowers and be confident about it. Walk with a straight back and send out your love, confidence and superpower to the world, because your light will shine on others and they will be convinced as well because you have an energy they can’t ignore.

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It’s not bragging about yourself. It’s about celebrating something that you can be proud of. I’m proud of my unbeatable mindset. I never give up and when I have my mind on something I make sure I will get it.

So, tell me shamelessly, what makes you proud? Let’s celebrate us 💪✨.

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