Already 31 and not married yet? Why marriage can wait, building your empire cannot.

Whether I like it or not, I often hear: ‘Oh you’re 31? Shouldn’t you be married and thinking about kids?’ At the age of 31 I discovered people feel free to advice you on marriage matters. Especially when you’re not asking for any advise.

I am busy building my own empire. My own legacy. I need to learn, develop, understand and love myself first before I can give and love an other person in a marriage.

A marriage is not just a happy party where you eat cake and celebrate happy joy joy moments. It’s hard working, respect, total dedication and true love for an other person. Even if that means the person you married with is not in the best shape or time of his life. Because you both chose for a lifetime commitment.

I believe true love understands that. True love also understands that we need to walk our own journey before we are ready for the next chapter (besides, a wedding cost a sh*t load of money, poor entrepreneur over here😜).

But most of all, true love doesn’t come with a plan and timing. And you should never, never settle for less. Not in life, not in a marriage ✨.

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