What partying until sunrise told me

What a weekend! I let go all my rules and restrictions and I had the best weekend ever!

I have totally outperformed myself. I went clubbing (till sunrise) two times in a row (didn’t even do this at University. Can you believe that 😱), signed up a client (on Sunday!) and bought new shoes to reward myself.

To some this might be a normal weekend, but for me it was a big step in my controlled life. I normally don’t go out because #1 I’m lazy, or #2 too tired, but mostly because I’m scared.

I’m scared that when I go out I will get tired and not be able to do my work properly. Or that I need too much recovery time, that will mess up my schedule. But what I’ve learned this weekend is a wise lesson.

Work hard, but play harder. By that I don’t mean popping bottles and spend your greens like it’s your last birthday on earth. But by that I mean live. Live a little. Let go of that control. Enjoy life. Surprise yourself. Step out of that comfort zone and dare yourself to be uncomfortable. Because you will discover abilities you thought you didn’t have.

If you chase a controlled life, you will never find the joy of surprises and adventure. You will never feel that rush through your veins. You will never bust of happiness. Because a controlled life is a flat life. And I don’t want flat to be my legacy. I want that extra in my life. I used to be ashamed for being so loud, extravagant, much, weird, complex or whatever, but now I’m proud of all those parts of me. Because for the first time in life, I have the feeling that I finally start to live.

So let go of that fear and the urge to control everything in life. Live a little and life will give you beautiful memories in return.

I am so thankful for this journey. Being an entrepreneur is the best thing I’ve done for myself. I have never been so confident and happy as before, because for the first time I’m doing something that’s the best for me. Not for others or society. Just me.

Wishing you the best week ahead 💕.

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