How to sell without selling

A few weeks ago I was asked by The Student Hotel if I want to give mini workshop about employer branding on social media to 30 corporates. Of course I was happy and honoured to had this pleasure, so a yes for me for sure!

Although I have talked in front of big groups before, at first I still was a bit nervous. Was I professional enough? Can I really add value to these people? How can I host a sessiopn without everyone falling asleep (we’ve all been to those boring sessions ;).

I decide to bring value with my energy by sharing very reliable case studies and campaigns from companies that nailed employer branding versus companies who don’t have a clue at all. Make it real and tangible.

At the end I got a lot of compliments because the audience loved my energy, and the case studies (Starbucks, L’Oréal and Accenture) that I discussed with them.

‘Love the way you did the presentation, so full of energy and very useful cases and straight to the point. Storytelling, consistency and authenticity in employer branding is indeed a necessity to be able to attract the right talent.’

Three of the participants asked for my business card a second meeting. I didn’t sell anything on this night. I just talked about my passion and shared my knowledge. Because in the end that’s what people buy.

How did I engage 30 corporates on employer branding? By knowing my business. By being passionate about it. My eyes s start to sparkle when I talk about social media and branding. Because I love it! I love what I do. My business and my clients.

That’s how I sell. By being in love with what I do and my enthusiasm is contagious. Find something you love and be really good at it. Dive deep, dig in to it. Make sure you own it. Because when you know your business you will also know where you can add value to your client and where you can offer a solution for their problems.

Don’t fake it. People will see through it. And if you really love what you do and you’re ready to give it all, you will become unstoppable.

Wishing you a beautiful journey in your pursuit of passion.

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